How we work

We work with consultative support for municipalities, cultural institutions and cultural practitioners within all our areas. This involves the development of forms of art and operations, where we may serve as a dialogue partner and provide advice on overall issues or within a specific area.

This may concern everything from a dialogue on a certain issue, to us working together for a long time on more structured forms and with several collaboration partners. For example, we can conduct an investigation or take part in a reference group as an adviser.

It may involve guidance in the work on the library's accessibility or participating in and supporting a municipality's various cultural investments.

The objective of our consultative work is to transform ideas into reality and that the activities we are involved in grow and develop.

In-service training and seminars
We organize several conferences, courses and seminars every year with the aim of creating a starting point and inspiration for renewal work.

Most of our courses are free of charge and they often cater for a specific occupational group, for example, librarians, conductors, LSS staff (staff who provide support and service for persons with certain functional impairments), musicians, dancers or educationalists.

We also have courses for amateur musicians, adults, children and youth who dance, sing or play an instrument.

Publications and communication
Kultur i Väst works with issuing publications, reports and newsletters aimed at highlighting current issues so that they appear on the agenda of decision-makers and other target groups. We often present current research in order to inspire and spread new ideas. We produce which provides tips on culture and entertainment throughout Västra Götaland.

Kultur i Väst collaborates with a number of artists, musicians and ensembles. We produce experiences in the form of performances, concerts, festivals and tours and ensure that they spread throughout Västra Götaland.

We want to supplement other actors so that all inhabitants have the possibility of a richer cultural life. We have close collaboration with organizers in the municipalities for capturing the needs of cultural events and we are consultative in various issues concerning production, suggestion of artist, audience development and projects.

Business visits
We regularly visit the region's municipalities in order to attain a dialogue with different representatives from the cultural area and other businesses where culture may be an important part. We want to capture the needs and obtain a picture of how the conditions are in the region's municipalities.

We also work with

  • coordinating the regional organizer support for children and youth culture
  • increasing knowledge on individual creation through LSS and schools for pupils with learning disabilities
  • the regional library and music assignments
  • interlibrary loans and media work
  • production support for regional cultural actors

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